Democrats in Turmoil

Truth vs. Lies

In response to Mr. Dawe's letter to the RDR (3/5/17), it's true that the Democratic party is in turmoil, but it's not because we hate the Republicans for their "excellence."

I mean, how "excellent" is it to put a woman like Betsy Devos in charge of education, when she has zero experience in public education? How excellent is it to put Dr. Ben Carson in charge of HUD when he has absolutely no experience in that field?

What you see as turmoil is mostly the shock and bewilderment at how our nation could be gullible enough to elect an obvious con-man like Donald Trump.

In fairness, I'm guessing about one out of every five Trump votes was, in fact, a vote against Hillary Clinton, but that doesn't soften the blow, and it leads us to a frank analysis of the Democratic party itself.

The DNC has been almost completely unresponsive to the progressive wing for many years now. They'll talk a good game and make grandiose promises during election season, but once they're in office, it's back to business as usual which, for the Democrats, is losing.

Many liberals want to see the DNC go the way of the dinosaur. It should be the party of the working class. It isn't. Our country needs an opposition force to the well-funded and well-coordinated party of the corporate class, which is the GOP. But instead of fighting for the little guy, the DNC prefers to portray itself as a form of "Republican-Lite" which they've convinced themselves is a more realistic approach to politics.

Someone once said that if you give conservatives a choice between a real Republican and a Democrat who pretends to be a Republican, the conservatives will vote for the real GOP candidate every time. The DNC hasn't learned this, and under its current leadership, it probably never will.

People like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Keith Ellison are the future of the progressive, working-class movement. Until the DNC realizes this and acts accordingly, we'll probably keep losing elections to a pro-corporate party like the GOP that exists for one reason, and one reason only: to make the rich even richer.

The DNC's abject failure to convey that simple fact to working class Americans has been its perennial fatal flaw. They have to draw a line, and pick a side, and the current DNC establishment simply refuses to do that.

Until they face the fact that Americans are in a class war of the rich versus everybody else...with the rich winning handily...the DNC is little more than a paper tiger whose sole purpose is to look more menacing than it is. In a very real way, the DNC is something of a con, and a lot of us on the left are beginning to see that.