Legalized Marijuana Works

Truth vs. Lies

(published on 02/16/2017 in the Roswell Daily Record, Letter to the Editor)

In response to Russell Scott's predictably misinformed and bigoted letter against legalizing marijuana, I just want to remind everybody that based on all the evidence so far, legalization is working and it is working well.

The two newspaper articles Scott cites as proof of his claim to the contrary are two to three years out of date. Yes, there is still a black market for weed, but it is not half as strong as it was before legalization, and it continues to weaken for the simple fact that it is easier and safer to buy the marijuana from a store instead of some stranger on the street.

Crime has not risen in Colorado. Even usage among both adults and teens has either held constant or risen only a little. Traffic accidents are also about the same as before.

But there is over a billion dollars now floating around in the Colorado economy, legal and above board, that was going directly to organized crime before legalization. The same cannot be said for New Mexico, where organized crime still robs hundreds of millions of dollars from us every year.

Colorado pot smokers are no longer considered criminals, unlike New Mexico, and they are not forced to buy from criminals, unlike New Mexico, and unlike New Mexico, in Colorado they have “seed to sale” tracking methods which means everybody knows exactly what they're buying.

I know this will sound harsh, but I'm afraid New Mexico is just too stupid and spineless to do the right thing and legalize cannabis this year. All signs indicate that it will be legalized in a few years anyway...and nothing will really fact, things will actually be better than before...but, then, maybe that's what the anti-pot people fear the most.